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The Somerset Directory

Search for Local businesses in Somerset


Western Canadian Dairy Seminar

Proceedings of the Annual WCDS

Some good papers from the excellent annual conferences


Agriculture in Northern Ireland

Excellent website with resources for all sectors well worth a visit. Has some good calculators and monthly newsletters


Lameness in Cows

A super site with lots of pictures and information on lameness identification, causes and correction

pennstate pennstate

Dairy Cow Nutrition and Dairy Production

American site with lots of good dairy resources. As well as spreadsheet for the famous PennState separator

dairyco dairyco

DairyCo (MDC Re branded)

Resources, information and news from the dairy industry levy board

Datum datum

DairyCo Datum (MDC Datum)

Good website for dairy statistics, pricing trends and has interactive milk price calculator

Breeding+ breeding+

DairyCo breeding+

Breeding information, bull proofs, bull searches and more

RPA rural payments agency

Rural Payments Agency

Information relating to subsidies environmental schemes, milk quota and more. Has PDF versions of SPS handbooks and other publications

Defra defra

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Link to the farming part of the defra website. Providing up to date news and information in relation to English agriculture

eblex EBLEX

English Beef & Lamb Executive

Free registration allows full use of this website which has some very useful stuff on costing's and bench marking. Newsletters are also good and well written.

Calf Calf Notes

Calf Notes

Really useful independent American website on calf rearing. Contains lots of Notes on all aspects of calf rearing

metoffice Weather for the South West

Weather for South West England

Current weather and forecast up to 10 days ahead and weather warnings for the South West

metoffice Weather for the South East

Weather for South East England

Current weather and forecast up to 10 days ahead and weather warnings for the South East

cropmonitor Crop Monitor

Crop Monitor

Rapid access to the latest regional crop pest and disease levels. Subscribers to the email updates can receive BASIS and NRoSO CPD points

hgca HGCA


Provide support for cereal and oilseed producers. The site has latest recommended lists and other tools and calculators

ahrf Soil Information Gateway

Soil Information Gateway

Provides lots of documents and case studies on soil management for all agricultural sectors.