DEFRA publishes response to NVZ consultation

Following the consultation DEFRA has announced that the NVZ designation will not take a blanket approach, but says that 70% coverage is needed (up from the current 55%) and 1.5% of current NVZ areas will be de-designated. These areas will be chosen on a scientific basis.

The proposal for cover crops has been dropped, and a derogation for the 170kg/ha farm limit will be applied for from brussels.

The Proposals for the extended closed periods and storage requirements however will remain, with "transitional arrangements for meeting the requirements". Slurry storage facilities will be eligible for tax allowances on capital costs up to £50,000.

To see the news release in full click here


Farm workers receive 4.3% pay increase

Farm workers have negotiated a 4.3% increase in pay despite warnings that a labour shortage could lead to a "full blown food crisis". Reports the Farmers Weekly. Click Below to read the full story.


June 2008 compensation rates published by DEFRA.

Compensation rates for compulsory slaughter for TB, BSE, Brucellosis and EBL (BSE only in Scotland an Wales) for June are available on the link below.


HGCA launch their Encyclopaedia of Cereal Diseases.

The Encyclopaedia was produced to help the grower, adviser and others involved in cereal production recognise diseases and improve their understanding of the pathogen(s) responsible. It is available on the HGCA website use the link below.