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Telephone Support

Fertiliser Advice

Fertiliser, Manure & Nutrient Plans

Dairy Nutrition

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Telephone supportTelephone Support

Receive Independent, Unbiased advice to help you make the right decision.

How often do you need an opinion or advice but do not know where to go to get an answer or just talk something through.

This service allows you to ring and discuss issues, general or specific you are facing on farm. Letting someone else do the leg work of finding information.

Whether it is:


If you would like to discuss telephone support please Contact us

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Fertiliser planningFertiliser, Manure & Nutrient Plans

Historically these have been point accumulating components of environmental schemes (and still are in agreements pre Feb 2007), however in new agreements since Feb 2007 they have been removed.

They are a requirement for most quality assurance schemes and under NVZs which falls under Cross Compliance and can lead to reduction in your Single Farm Payment.

With the rapid increase in fertiliser prices the savings that can be made from correct targeting of nutrients through Fertiliser and Manure planning are huge.
Do you take into account the N,P & K that you apply from slurry and FYM and the potential reduction in purchased fertiliser.
Which poses the question can you afford not to be doing it?

These documents unfortunately cannot be done once and filed away, they need to be revisited and updated on a regular basis.

Our FACTS & BASIS qualified staff can provide training and forms so that you can confidently keep on top of these requirements yourself or we can keep them up to date for you.

If you would like to discuss fertiliser, manure and nutrient planning please Contact us

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Dairy NutritionNutrition & Milk Predictions

Cows Not performing?
Is Your Milk Prediction Way Off?
Inconsistent Muck?
Intakes Not As Good As They Should Be?
Or Do You Just Want To Check The Ration Provided By Your Feed Rep?

Then Get a Free Ration Check With Us

Consistency and Dry Matter Intakes of a well balanced diet are the key drivers to performance in any ruminant enterprise.
Over 50 percent of your diet comes from preserved forage, which can change from field to field and will definitely change from year to year. This means that your ration and especially your winter ration will need evaluating on a regular basis to ensure that you can Minimise your feed cost/litre or Feed Cost/Kg live weight gain.

Forage planning is also very important so that forage stocks can be assessed and allocated to create a consistent ration over the winter period so that you do not run out or are spending Unnecessary Costs on forage replacers when they are not needed.

With feed prices doubling over the last 12 months it is imperative that you are getting the maximum return from your purchase feed and utilizing your forages full potential.

Many milk companies require a milk prediction which can have a bonus associated with it. These can also assist your budgets by providing you with an indication of income and highlight potential future shortfalls in cashflow.

If you would like to discuss Nutrition and Milk Predictions please Contact us


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Single Farm PaymentSingle Farm Payment & Cross Compliance

Need someone to fill in the forms or just need someone to check over the forms you have filled out.

We can provide whatever level of support you need to make you feel comfortable and to meet your budget.

We can also help you to fill out other statutory documentation that is required by Cross Compliance such as your Soil Protection Review.


If you would like to discuss Single Farm Payment and Cross Compliance please Contact us


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Environmental schemesEnvironmental Schemes & Quality Assurance

Not sure how to go about applying for Environmental schemes or completing the application then we can help.

Is your Quality Assurance assessment just round the corner and you have not updated your management plans since last time or there are new requirements that you are unsure how to go about providing and presenting the information required, then let us help.


If you would like to discuss Environmental Schemes and Quality Assurance please Contact us


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farm budgets and cashflowsBudgets, Cashflows & Investment Appraisal

Thinking about purchasing a new piece of machinery, milking more cows, taking on some more land, changing your production system or maybe employing someone to allow you to spend more time doing other things?

Have you considered the future effect on your business taking account of the trading variables that may occur.

Whether you are expanding, changing direction or just trading as normal, it is imperative that you are in control of your business. To use a old adage you can not manage without monitoring.
The use of a simple budget and cashflow can enable you to see potential profitability of current or planned technical performance and highlight areas where attention may be needed.

If you would like to discuss Budgets, Cashflows & Investment Appraisal please Contact us


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Agronomy and spray plansAgronomy & Spray Plans

Our FACTS & BASIS qualified staff can provide spray and fertiliser advice on a range of cropping including Grassland and Maize. We can provide recommendation sheets that will ensure that you meet Statutory and Quality Assurance requirements.

Whether you do your own agronomy and it is an extra pair of eyes your after to get over the ground at busy periods or you want us to look after your entire farm then we can Taylor make a package to suit your requirements.

If you would like to discuss Agronomy & Spray Plans pleaseContact us


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NVZ planning and recordsNVZs & Soil Management Plans

NVZs have been around for a few years now; however they are undergoing a revamp, the result of which will mean a greater need to be on top of your records and understand the exact requirements of the legislation.

Currently NVZs are the 4th biggest reason for Cross Compliance failures followed by the Soil Protection Review. Do not let these be a reason for a reduction in your Single Farm Payment.

Our FACTS & BASIS qualified staff can provide training and forms so that you can confidently keep on top of these requirements yourself or we can keep them up to date for you.

If you would like to discuss NVZs & Soil Management Plans please Contact us


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Soil AdviceSoil & Cropping Advice

Everything in farming begins with the soil. But we tend to focus on what we grow and how we grow it rather than on the soil itself.

By focusing on the soil itself: on the Physical structure, and Biological and Chemical activity we can start to understand and influence hugely the quality, quantity and responsiveness of the crops that we grow.

Also by using alternative crops as brake crops, cover crops or partner crops can aid soil and nutrient management to ensure that you are maximising your resource in a sustainable manner.

We can help you focus on your soil as a resource and create an advice package that suits you. Whether your focus is on livestock health or improved quality of produce you grow.

If you would like to discuss Soil & Cropping Advice please Contact us

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